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Dance Film co-production


A quest of freedom  within when access to the exterior is excluded.

What is one's very secret or sacred reason of being on earth?

Can a state of isolation shed light on new ways towards a fertile  

Unity, Light and Joy within one-Self?

Is there a Humanity within to discover, to share...?

Film director and coordinator:​ Eveline Drummen

Artistic participants

10 dancers (5 female - 5 male)

Music: Un Jour Infini  - 9 pieces - 50 minutes

Performed by Wissam Boustany (flute) and string trio 

from the Broddsky Quartet

Co-production with artists

This film is based on a co-production between

Berlin Improvision UG and the participating artists.

The film is essentially aiming at distribution among

international TV stations.


Eveline Drummen

Artistic Director & coordinator

Recording of Un Jour Infini in London

 photo of Natalia Palshina by Sam Marzbani
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